The Weekend

This week has been rough for me. A lot of thoughts and anxiety overwhelmed me.

I had my dear friend stayed with me for the whole week.

Also I did spend sometime involving in this two video during weekend. They are inspiring so I want to list several points here.

  1. The document file is taking about a tough and persistent politician 史明. I found some similarities of his personality are inside myself. He is pursuing a meaningful life and he is ambitious. I don’t know why I want to be ambitious but I do really want to know why I am doing this. There must be a purpose, a reason or a goal.
  2. He is very humanistic. He follows his humanity and honor the humanity of every person.
  3. He also remind me that the heroic style of life…. sometimes I am doing to much for that ….
  4. He is so real and he is so active and practical. Put his thinking and belief into action.
  5. “Understand the next right move! " this quote helps me to stay in presence.
  6.  Work on yourself to find what power you have.
  7. we are all seeking the same thing “the highest, truest expression of yourself as a human being “. Because of this quote, I start to think in what kind of
  8. Stay grounded in my own self: do the conscious work to be grounded and be awake.


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