About how to be happy


Those are the points I resonate with. Particurly about more expereintial in life. I would like to look up more research about it.


1. Relationships are essential: A major study that followed hundreds of men for more than 70 years found the happiest (and healthiest) were those who cultivated strong relationships with people they trusted to support them.


4. Stop to smell the roses: People who slow down to reflect on good things in their lives report being more satisfied.


7. Buy fun: People tend to be happier if they spend their money on experiences instead of things. But researchers have also found that buying things that allow you to have experiences — like a tennis racket or a book — can also increase happiness.


8. Learn to be present in the moment: Several studies have found that people who practice mindfulness meditation experience greater well-being.


9. Spend time with friends, especially close friends who are happy: Interactions with casual friends can make people happier, and close friendships — especially with happy people — can have a powerful effect on your own happiness as well.




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